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There is an excellent website for Uganda birds by David and Nancy Massie CLICK HERE

Shoebill in Mbamba Swamp

Ugandan stamp

Rwenzori Batis - loves the short thick bush of the Rwenzori Mts



Day 1

Depart backpackers 7am in the morning to Murchison falls National Park lunch will be at the spectacular Karuma falls which lunch will be served by our guide. After lunch we will walk down to the falls for view some birds at the falls and take some photos, after which we will continue to Murchison Safari Camp on the northside of Murchison Falls National Park

Day 2

Early morning breakfreakfast and with some packed snacks so we can spend the whole day in the park. Some of the interesting places are Ayago River on the road to Chobe Lodge, then the open savana grasslands down to the delta. We will then move out of the Tanga gate near Packwach so as to view the many birds in that area. Drive back toMurchison Safari Camp.

Day 3

After early morning breakfast drive down to Parra and cross the ferry and on to Budongo forest to do nature and bird walks at Kaniyo Pabidi in the northern sector of Bundongo Forest then drive to Busingiro in the south of Budongo Forest. Do a walk in the famous golden mile area and sleep in the Busingiro campsite.

Day 4

Again a early morning walk in the forest before driving to Kibale National Park Fort Portal. If we have time a short walk in the forest before settling down for the night.

Day 5

Early morning walk followed by break fast An option would be to do the chimp walk while viewing the birds of the forest. The afternoon session will be at Bigodi wetland sanctuary where we will walk throught the swamps of Magambo know for great blue turaccos, blue headed crested fly catcher and many more birds. Drive to Kilembe in the Rwenzori Mountains via Fort Portal. Sleep at Rwenzori Backpackers.

Day 6

By 8am be ready to do a day walk in the Rwenzori National Park we will start to hike the Rwenzoris to the thick forests where the rwenzori turacco and search for the rwenzori batis. We will go up to 2500 Mitres high, in search for some of the epidemic species. Sleep at the Backpackers Hostel in Kilembe or camp near the national park so as to continue the search the following day.

Day 7

Walk back to the national park for another day in this majestic forest. Mid afternoon drive down to Kalinzu Forest

Day 8

Will be an excursion to Kyambura Gorge which is a 16km stretch with a forest that habours very many spicies of birds and chimpanzees, in this deep gorge there is a river which river the gorge gets its name Kyambura, this is where we will have our morning session of bird watching lunch will be at abbey guest House and after lunch we will head to Kalinzu Forest for yet another expedition of very spectacular birds inside the thick forest. Dinner and over night

Day 9

Wake up early so that we can be able to drive down to Lake Mburo National Park for the rare specie of red faced barbit, we will go in search for it after lunch in addition with many more birds, dinner and over night will be at Rwonyo camp.

Day 10

Drive down to Mabamba swamp where we will do our afternoon session after lunch, which is also common for the shoe bill, over night will be camping at Mpanga forest in order to enjoy the dark with good voice of birds.

Day 11

Drive down to Mabira forest which is really a wide thick forest which also hobours more than 200 spicies of birds, arriving late afternoon, where we will have lunch and a relaxing afternoon.

Day 12

Early morning breakfast after which we will head off deep down forest for our final day expedition.


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An oasis just 2 km from the city centre

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Day 1

Depart Backpackers at 7am drive to Mabamba swamp to view the rare shoebill and other species of birds, after which you will head to Mabira forest for the night having lunch at Nandos in Kampala on the way.

Day 2

Early start so as to view the birds before it gets too hot. We will carry a few light snacks to eat during the walk. After lunch we go for another walk before heading back to Kampala. Expected return to Kampala 6:30pm